Ogun State Overview

Ogun State, known as the Gateway State, is bordered by four States (to the North: Oyo and Osun State, to the South: Lagos State, to the West: Republic of Benin, and to the East: Ondo State) in the South-West of Nigeria.

Ogun State aims to be the fastest growing economy and one of the top three States in Nigeria by 2023 with the wider focus of becoming Africa’s Model Industrial & Logistics Hub. The State has historically produced a comparably higher proportion of Nigerian industrialists and consequently, has a higher industrial output.

The overall mission is to give Ogun State focused and qualitative governance and create the enabling business environment for public private sector partnership built on an awareness of the need for an investor friendly environment able to attract private sector capital and foster economic growth

Aerotropolis :

This is a world class airport city centrally located in Ogun State that is designed to stimulate economic development through the provision of passenger and cargo services needed to support Nigeria’s emerging economy. This will boost Ogun State profile to become the West African Trade Hub.

This includes :

  1. Special Agriculture Processing Zone
  2. Dry Port and Logistics Hub
  3. International Cargo Airport
  4. Mixed use Buildings (Business and Residential)
  5. Industrial Estates

Economic Development Clusters:

Ogun State Economic Development Clusters (EDCs) are designated areas to deliver large scale legacy infrastructure projects in clusters through value chain optimization effects, there are 6 EDCs scattered across 6 different strategic locations in the state.

Special Agriculture Processing Zones (SPAZ):

The Special Agriculture Processing Zones (SPAZ) consists of Agricultural transformation Centre for primary production of the selected commodities and the Agro Industrial Hub for the secondary downstream.

Ogun State’s GDP has experienced a 42% growth from N1.7 trillion in 2013. per capita income is N543,000 ($1,620).

Households in Ogun State consume N1.5 trillion worth of goods and services every year.

Ogun State is positioned as a trade corridor to the West African cluster markets of over 400m population.

Given the proximity of Ogun State Special Economic Zones to Lagos, the State’s SEZs have an investment advantage with its access to markets in Lagos.

Only c.30% of arable land is under cultivation. Key crops include Cassava, Cocoa, Maize, Cotton, Oil Palm and Rice.

The Gateway State – Strategic link to the Northern, Southern, Eastern regions of Nigeria.

Solid minerals are available in commercial quantities – Limestone, Bitumen, Phosphate, Granite, Silica Sand, Feldspar, Kaolin, Clay etc

Investment hubs mostly share resources, hence benefit from economies of scale.

Highest number of tertiary institutions in Nigeria (23) with easy access to trainable labour.

60% of the State budget is capital in nature which is line with global benchmark.

HIghest number of FTZs in Nigeria – Olokola FTZ, Igbesa FTZ and Kojola FTZ.

For starting a business, pout of 36 states in Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.