About OgunInvest

The Ogun State investment Promotion & Facilitation Agency (OgunInvest) has one overarching goal: Driving economic growth in Ogun State economy by effectively positioning the state’s business attractions to draw in domestic and foreign investments.

Set-up by the Ogun State Government in a visionary thrust to foster economic growth in the state, improve business conditions and the livelihood of its citizens, OgunInvest functions to promote the trade and investment opportunities available within the state to local and international investors. Our goal is to guide interested investors and facilitate quicker turn around for their on boarding process; from point of entry to establishment and fortification of business interests in any of the investment sectors.

The launch of OgunInvest marked the beginning of a more involved, hands-on approach to investment promotion and investor-relations management in Ogun State. With support from the business Environment Council whose role is to regulate, systematically review and reform the investment climate, OgunInvest acheives its objectives.

In order to ensure successful attraction of investment and efficient investor-relationship management, OgunInvest coordinates and works in seamless synergy with public and private sector stakeholders. 

The institutional setting for the promotion of investment and trade in Ogun State situates OgunInvest as the investor-facing functionary as well as the lead agency working side-by-side with Local Government Areas, business regulators, the Public-Private Partnership office, and sector-focused Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

Vision and Mission

OgunInvest's 8-point mission statement include: